About us

Time to introduce ourselves

We are Larissa Ambachtsheer and Maud Maas. Two young women, professionals in the field of art and design, with a great love for nature.

Larissa Ambachtsheer 2017 photography graduate from The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Right after her graduation she started her own studio, Studio Larissa Ambachtsheer. Since then she has been working as a visual artist with a green heart. As a visual artist, she is interested in topics, related to human behavior; consciousness, minimalistic lifestyle and sustainability. Her work is represented by Project 2.0 / Gallery and Underpromise Agency. Next to that she is a part-time art advisor at De Kunstuitleen & De Galerie Den Haag. This is where she met her partner in crime Maud.

Maud Maas is Master of Arts by education, art advisor by profession and most of all art lover by nature. Her in-depth research for her master was about Dutch female artists of the 20th century. This topic stems from her motivation to give underexposed talents a platform, which is also an important goal for AMMA. She grew up in the east of the Netherlands surrounded by forests and so her love for nature was formed from a young age. She loves to combine her interest at AMMA, curating a conscious collection with Larissa for like-minded people ♡


AMMA is intuitive, creative and has a green heart. She opts for conscious, sustainable items and is therefore the first online platform where like-minded people can go for products such as art, design, slow fashion, jewelery and skincare. AMMA was founded by two young women, professionals in the field of art and design, with a great love for nature. The platform has been shaped by experience, passion and creativity and wants to be completely open and transparent about its collection in communication to the customer.

The aim is to lower the threshold for sustainable purchase. At AMMA, the products are carefully selected with attention to good design, craftsmanship and love for nature. AMMA works exclusively with conscious makers and sustainable brands. Knowledge, experience and research are shared with the customer.

The target group is young adult to adult, ambitious and conscious. A group that puts quality over quantity, who loves the planet and is not ashamed of it. AMMA reaches its customers online via Instagram, webshop, LinkedIn and online publications and uses an attractive identity in which the simple design and earth tones function as a reflection for the products.

AMMA was founded in 2021. From the start AMMA is a platform where collaborations with local makers, sustainable brands and AMMA-products are combined on one online platform for a conscious purchase.

Please reached out to us if you have any questions.

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