Heesterzeep started in the spring of 2020 in The Hague. Their mission is to sell fair and organic soap locally as much as possible with an eye for people and the environment. Not only are the soaps environmentally friendly; The packaging has also been thought through and is packed plastic-free.

“We chose the name Heesterzeep because we work a lot with lavender (a ‘heester’) and also because we live in the Heesterbuurt of The Hague. All ingredients we use for the soap are organic and have a quality mark. We do not use palm oil in our soaps, because this oil is often associated with large-scale deforestation. All soaps are as pure as possible: the soap consists of organic oils, butters and essential oils. Nothing more and nothing less. We think it is important to also offer you a safe product. That is why all our soaps are tested and approved by an independent testing agency. All soaps are registered (CSPR).”

A delicious and honest product for hand and body, handmade in their local workshop.

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