Elina Alekseeva is a Textile Design + Master Industrial Design graduate from The Royal Academy of Arts. She describes here Landmarks collection as ‘love songs for places’.

“During my textile design studies, I was exploring the emotional connection between people and their natural surroundings. The name Landmarks comes from my BA textile collection, in which I was tracing these materials-human-landscape connections. With a collection for AMMA, I wanted to capture the feeling of The Hague through its natural materials - textures, wild plant dyes, fabric. For the coloring of my fabric, I use seasonal wild plants and mosses of Het Haagse Bos - I carefully map the place where they come from and collect only what I need. It comes from my family tradition and knowledge of medicinal plants - you carefully harvest just what you need for a purpose, what is abundant, never the last one, and let plants restore. I think it is the attitude we need to keep in relation to the resources, especially in textiles.”

The fabric and yarn - silk, nettle and wool, are sourced from deadstock and European ecological suppliers. The dye process is done by Elina herself, with only natural and non-harmful components.

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  • Dune scarf
    Elina Alekseeva
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